Very special dog receives animal OBE

This is the amazing story of a very special dog awarded the prestigious PDSA Order of Merit – the animal equivalent of the OBE – for outstanding devotion to her disabled owner.

Devoted Molly the cocker spaniel has been awarded the honour for being owner Lucy Watts’ “ray of light”.

Ms …


Honey Bees Attack & Kill Giant Spider

Bees attack giant spider


A bee farmer has captured the moment dozens of bees attacked a fishing spider who crawled a little too close to their hive.

Zaur Man, a bee farmer in Charleston, South Carolina, shared the astonishing footage on his YouTube page.

The dramatic video shows the …


Puppy rescued from river

Rescue dog

Heartwarming story of puppy being rescued from a river and how he made a friend to share the ups and downs of life with.

An amazing short film about the relationship between an abandoned puppy and his rescuer.

“If I Could Talk” gives this dog a chance to share his …