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Season 2 – Episode 1

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Dog’s Operation, Cute Monkeys, Birds and Bats

In the UK, we meet our Animal Allies vet, Doctor Martin Andrews. Sparky the fox terrier has a hernia and Dr. Andrews prepares for what should be a routine operation. But there are sudden and serious complications. With Sparky’s life hanging in the balance we share Dr Andrews’ fight to find and fix the problem in time to save Sparky.

In our Animal Allies “How To” segment, we learn the do’s and don’ts of rescuing native birds. We explain the simple life-saving steps to take, and discover how — all too often — well meaning rescuers are killing injured birds with kindness.

We journey to the threatened rain forests of Brazil where there’s heartwarming proof that one person can make a difference. We meet the man who’s dedicated his life to tiny Brazilian monkeys pushed to the brink of extinction by the dramatic loss of their habitat.

And Animal World sheds light on the mysterious world of bats. We travel to Western Australia to meet these amazing aerialists and discover some of the secrets of their bat-winged .. radar-guided world. And we reveal how these nocturnal hunters have survived against all the odds.

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