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Season 2 – Episode 4

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Elephant, Horses, Cats and Turtles

In Animal Allies this week, we travel to South Africa on the trail of an ailing elephant.
This youngster has come off second best in a hassle with a hippo and these Animal Doctors will need all their skill to stem the infection in her badly injured leg.

It’s a much brighter picture in the rolling English countryside where we meet the old workhorses finally at peace in their own version of “horse heaven” after a lifetime of service. Including 2 famous horse Janus the Queens former Drum Horse and Sefton, a horse who served with the British Army for 17 years from 1967 to 1984. He came to prominence when he was critically injured in the Hyde Park and Regent’s Park bombings which killed seven other horses, and four soldiers. He recovered sufficiently to return to active service and was subsequently awarded “Horse of the Year”. Sefton became one of the first horses to be placed in the British Horse Society’s equestrian Hall of Fame,[1] and with an annual award named after him

In our Animal Allies “How To”…. who’s a pampered puss?
We pass on the message about massage and how this ancient healing art is helping felines enjoy all their nine lives.

And in Animal World, you’ll meet a prehistoric-looking creature found in Sydney, Australia.
We’ll tell you how Leonardo the alligator snapping turtle’s life almost went down the drain…. Literally.


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