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Season 2 – Episode 11

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Wildlife Hospital, Whale Shark, Dog Training and Lemurs

An injured and orphaned baby kangaroo is the focus of this week’s Animal Allies. And this joey couldn’t have two better friends than Animal Doctor Ralph Hudson and his one time nurse Liz Appelt, who has set-up a marsupial hospital in her home.
You’ll see how their little pouched patient gets a new lease of life.

Our Animal Helper has a huge challenge in front of him, in more ways than one.
Dr Scott Eckert is fighting to save the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark.
It might be as big as a bus but it’s in desperate need of protection.

Even man’s best friend has some habits that aren’t very friendly.
Like pooing where he shouldn’t, for example.
So in our Animal Allies “How To” we’ll teach you ways to re-educate Rover to be a model citizen.

In our Animal World segment, we’ll travel to the tiny African Island of Madagascar, the only place in the world that’s home to the mysterious lemurs.
You’ll see how this extraordinarily diverse species is fighting for survival in one of the poorest countries on earth… and what’s being done to preserve them.

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