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Season 2 – Episode 12

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Wheelchair Pets, Monkeys, Birds, Dog Detectives

In this episode of Animal Allies, you’ll discover how an ancient healing art has suddenly become “state of the art” again. It’s acupuncture…. the insertion of sterilised needles into the flesh at strategic points to alleviate pain and actually heal.

Animal Doctor Barry Hindmarch is achieving incredible results with paralysed animals at his South African practice.

Our Animal Helper is the woman behind these heartwarming images. She and her husband discovered this entirely new species of critically-endangered spider monkey which has now become firm friends with their pet German Shepherd.

Training Polly to want more than just a cracker is the subject of our Animal Allies “How To” this week. We’ll show you simple techniques to make your bird more obedient…. as well as how to teach it some new tricks.

And in Animal World, you’ll go on patrol on the new frontline in the war on terrorism…. with the Dog Detectives from Down Under. A special breeding program in Australia has produced a Super Labrador that would put Sherlock Holmes to shame!

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