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Season 2 – Episode 13

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Gibbons, Danish Army and Doctor Fish

We’ll take you Perth Zoo, in Western Australia, for a family re-union this week in Animal Allies. Phil the Gibbon and family are starting a whole new life after aging Phil has some treatment from Animal Doctors.

And in a busy day at the Zoo Infirmary, you’ll also see high-tech microchips implanted into these rare Panda cubs.

In Denmark, the country’s Army is on the march in the cause of conservation.
With so much land cleared for farming, many animals are literally dodging bullets on military land where the Danish Army trains.

Now, they’re fighting back, with the help of a new breed of eco-warriors.

If your much-loved moggie is a secret killer cat, then this week’s Animal Allies “How To” guide might help. We’ll show you the best ways to protect native animals from your predatory puss.

And from the always challenging Animal World, you’ll see flesh-eating fish that are baffling science. Far from harming people, many sufferers believe these so-called “doctor fish” are actually curing them of chronic skin conditions.

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