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Season 2 – Episode 6

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Blind Pets, Reptiles, Puppies and Alpacas

in this Animal Allies, we travel to South Africa where our Animal Doctors are making a house call on Tonto. The much-loved mare’s been suffering from a mystery eye infection that just won’t clear up. And as they investigate, there’s real concern Tonto might lose the eye.

In New York, we meet an Animal Helper who’s dedicated his life to saving the homeless…. homeless reptiles that is.
Out the front of his cramped shop, Robert Shapiro sells T-shirts.
But out the back, he cares for up to 500 lost lizards…. from iguanas to alligators.

Everyone knows a dog is man’s best friend…. but what does it take to make us a puppy’s best pal? We’ll have the answers in this week’s Animal Allies “How To” segment.

And in the UK, we’ll learn why this unusual animal is fast becoming a surprise hit in the English countryside. It’s the Alpaca… and customers are paying a fortune for its fabulous fleece.

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