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Season 2 – Episode 7

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Rabbits, Birds, Reptiles and Dogs

In Animal Allies, we do the rounds with dedicated British Animal Doctor Celia Newlove on a busy day in her Hampshire surgery. We watch as Celia uses all her skill to help Fluffy the rabbit with his troublesome teeth…. and then applies plaster to an anxious lamb with a broken leg.

Our Animal Helper is a man who’s living out his boyhood dream…. and the world is benefiting. Walter Mangold lost everything when his business folded but he turned trouble into triumph to establish South Africa’s internationally renowned “World of Birds”.

In our How To guide this week, we’ll tell you the do’s & don’ts of caring for pet reptiles.

And there’s the groundbreaking new role for man’s best friend. Extraordinary new research is testing whether some dogs can actually sniff out cancer. There’ve already been some remarkable success

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