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Season 2 – Episode 9

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Cows, Lions, Fish and Crocodiles

Two lives are on the line in this week’s Animal Allies, but thankfully, both are in the skilled hands of veterinarian Celia Newlove. We’ll take you to Hampshire, England, where a heavily pregnant cow with a severely infected eye is causing concern. There’s a real chance she could lose the eye, but more importantly, her unborn calf is in danger.

Our Animal Helpers this week come to the rescue of Sandy the stout lioness. Sandy became grossly overweight after being kept in a small cage and now needs diet and exercise or she could die.

Tropical fish are fascinating and popular pets but — just like us — they prefer a comfortable, stress free environment.
In our Animal Allies “How To” segment, we’ll guide you step-by-step through setting up a freshwater tank for your finned friends.

And in Animal World you’ll come face to face with an Australian man eating crocodile.

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