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Season 2 – Episode 8

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Cheetah, Cute Monkeys, Dogs and Whales

This week in Animal Allies we visit a very different dentist as Zaza the cheetah goes in for a checkup. Among the last of her breed, the pampered feline is kept in tip-top condition in order to continue drawing the world’s attention to her race against extinction.

Our Animal Helper this week is the extraordinary Denise Rambaldi who is fighting almost single-handedly for the critically-endangered golden lion tamarins of Brazil.
So passionate is Denise, she believes she sometimes sees the tamarins screaming for her help.

We’ll give you top tips on how to train disobedient dogs. In our Animal Allies “How To” segment, you’ll learn the best ways to tame those terriers and handle those hounds.

And we’ll introduce you to the show-offs of the sea…. the naturally performing Humpback Whales. In Animal World, we’ll explain how these aquatic acrobats are making a comeback from the edge of extinction.

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