Smart Piggy


Smart piglet smart piggy This piglet has found a great way to get a snack!


I Just Love Animals

I just love animals. This clip is a selection of shots from the Animal Allies TV series. Typical of the series it is an eclectic mix of pets, wild animals and captive animals. In some cases a mixture of both. Like the German Shepard with a monkey riding on its…


Horse Goes to the Dentist

Horse and Vet

Horse Goes to the Dentist Here’s a funny clip we made from a story we did at a horse retirement farm in England. This clip is about a horse going to the dentist. But on a serious note where do old work horses go to retire? Well, some of the…


Eagle v Fox Fight to the Death

Eagle v Fox Fight to the Death   From the BBC Spring Watch Footage of a fight between a fox and a golden eagle over food has been captured by BBC Springwatch’s Winterwatch programme. The predators’ battle over carrion was shot in the snow-covered Trossachs. Winterwatch has been capturing footage…